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Doing business is a critical process. This is a work where problems keep on popping in, No matter how robust solution you create, yet it can never guarantee that it will not need any changes in coming future. Being your technology partners means proactively avoiding the known problems and be active for those which are unknown so that your business is least impacted every time.

We at RRD Infotech understand the facts of business and help you furnishing your ideas/business models by dedicating a specialized team to work with you. We know that when you decide to include internet in your business model, your website becomes the face of your business and a face should be neat and clean always. Developing well structured web applications is our core strength. We have developers who have experience working in various domains and not only understand the problems one can face, but focus on finding innovative solutions for the problems. We hold command in developing SaaS applications, Video/Audio Streaming applications, Video Transcoding solutions, E-Commerce websites, Travel portals, Academic projects for Education Institutes, Portals for Hotels and Restaurants and Mobile applications. We start by understanding your business and believe that your success is our achievement.

Video Streaming , A Vivid Way To Represent You & Your Business.

Representation of you & your business before others is what makes the difference when in a competition. Representation is the first step of any business and a good representation is followed by success stories. When you need to represent you or your company ahead of others, Video is the best way to do that. A vivid way which is short, simple, direct, and impacting way of showing your experiences, capabilities and vision. When it comes to streaming video for video representation or a business having video content there are things to be taken care of , things which can highlight you in a crowd. High storage solution, scalability, Adaptive bitrate technology , smooth execution is few of the measures a video based solution depends on.

RRD infotech lets you accelerate your global business by creating an immersive, high definition telepresence experience that is realistic and authentic. An award charming webcasting services provider,innovative high quality interactive media streamimg solution for multipurpose use, live web casting and Extent learning solutions. online video views Increasing rapidly, it's not difficult to learn how to stream live video - it's what you want to achieve with your content. Connect with a spectators. Gain new fans. Explore new revenue Chance. The clarity of our live production solutions make the technology crystal clear, so you can focus on growing your business and your brand.

RRD Infotech Pvt Ltd holds considerable experience in video streaming services digital media solution AngularJs Spring, Grails, Django, JAVA, PHP, Python, Groovy, HTML, Wowza Red5 , MongoDB, Neo4J, MySql, Oracle, Hibernate. We also expertise in building video annotation tools using flex and HTML5. Our developers are well skilled in Video transcoding , Adaptive bitrate streaming , Live Streaming , Video Content Delivery Networks. Our company delivers streaming solutions over a dedicated global network.

Connect with our consultants to help you understand the technicalities of video world and how it can boost your business. Enter the stream of streaming and take your business to new heights.